Frequently asked questions

Are Online classes as good as Studio Classes?

Following Online classes is a great way to learn the basics as well as more advanced techniques, so this will provide a great boost to your confidence. You can focus on yourself completely without being distracted by others. It provides a safe alternative, without you having to leave your home. You don’t waste time stressing out in traffic. The studio comes to you so it means that you can follow our teachers from anywhere in the world. Online classes allows uninterrupted learning and practice during these uncertain times. Since it feels like a private session with a dedicated teacher, you can get instant feedback and tips to accelerate your growth. We’ll do everything to give you a full studio experience from the safety of your home.

I don’t have much experience. Will I be able to follow the class?

All exercises are designed to be age appropriate and for beginners, but can be easily modified to your needs. So you can enjoy the class at your own level. The teacher will give modifications to choose from. Just give it a shot.

What do I have to wear in Ballet Class?

We recommend girls wear a leotard, tights and ballet flats. Long hair must be tied up in a bun. For the boys a white t-shirt, black tights and white/black socks with ballet flats. However, if you don’t have these items, just follow along in a fitting top, leggings and socks. As long as we can see your lines, you’re good to go.

Do I need a Ballet Barre?

If you have a ballet barre, great! Otherwise just use a chair with a high back, or anything stable you can hold on to.

What will I learn in Ballet Class?

The aim is to provide you a full Ballet class experience just like in a professionally taught ballet school. The teacher will provide different exercises at the barre or in the center to stimulate musicality, body control, strength, balance coordination and expression. Our classes will support and enhance your understanding of the ballet technique while working on details to make you a beautiful dancer. Our teachers are certified American Ballet Theater (USA) teachers following the National Training Curriculum with loads of experience teaching thousands of students already. At this moment, we successfully run a number of hybrid live classes in our dance school based in Belgium (, so we know what it takes to teach online.

What will I learn in Yoga Class?

Our yoga classes are theme-based classes. We keep the focus on solving problem areas that cause discomfort, weakness or pain. Our task is to help you strengthen these areas and create more space, mobility and more energy flowing through the body. After class you should feel an amazing light feeling in the body. At this moment, we successfully run a number of online classes for students, adults and companies from our yoga studio based in Belgium (EU). So we know what it takes to teach online.

Is it difficult to do the technical setup?

No, not at all. Our classes are conducted via Zoom. We recommend you downloading the latest update of the Zoom app for your device. A larger screen like a laptop/tablet provides a better experience than a smartphone. A good set of speakers can also help you hear the instructions or music better. Ensure you are situated close to your router to have a solid connection. Avoid streaming services like Netflix or downloading heavy files during the class. Turn off notifications on your device if possible. Make sure you have a safe space with an even surface and that you won’t be disturbed by other members at home or by pets. Log in 10-15 mins. beforehand. Click on the link provided in the mail. Register with the name of the student before the start of the session. That's it and don't forget, HAVE FUN!

Your payments are mentioned in Euros? How can I pay for the courses?

Yes, our prices are mentioned in Euros because we are based in Belgium(EU). After you book the course on our website you will be guided to our payment page. Our payment gateway partner is Stripe which is a very convenient manner to transact no matter the currencies. Credit cards are the preferred payment option. And depending on the available payment options per country, you can choose your preferred means of paying. Complete the payment and that's it. Simple.
You will receive a payment confirmation and your spot is then reserved. Your Zoom link will follow in a seperate email.

How do I know which time zones I have to follow?

All classes will be conducted live from our studios in Belgium. We follow the Central European Time or CET. On the follow up mails after booking, it should clearly mention the country's time zone. Please check this carefully! An SMS will also be sent to your mobile number 24 hours before class starts as additional confirmation. In case you are not sure, don't hesistate to contact us with the name of the student and your location. We can clarify what time you have to be logged in for class.

Where are you located in Europe?

We started our Dance and Yoga studio in Roeselare, Belgium. It started under the brand name Dansstudio Indigo in 2009 and since May 2020 we renamed and rebranded our business to NDIGO. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn @ ndigoroeselare. Our Belgian website is We are located at Stokerijstraat 56, 8800, Roeselare, Belgium. Ndigo has 3 fully equipped professional dance studios complete with barres, full-length mirrors, sound systems and most importantly, professional ballet floors. We are pioneers in our city providing such facilities. Ndigo has a shop where students can purchase uniforms, costumes, dance accessories, yoga mats and dance shoes. It has 3 comfortable changing rooms for students. A cozy lounge area where students and parents can hang out, enjoy a cup of coffee and free Wifi. Each year we have hundreds of students enrolling for Toddler dance, Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Streetdance, Funky dance among other styles. Yoga is also a very popular class especially with the adults. Every year we have a showcase for the dancers. It is extremely popular and a hightlight moment for a dancer. We run two full shows seating 1600 adoring family and friends. Ndigo also offers pre-professional grade training to interested students. A selected student from ages 12 and above can train upto 16 hours per week and hone their skills. This way we prepare them for auditions to premiere dance institutions of their choice. We are proud to have a student now working for the Royal Conservatorium as a teacher. Another is musical dancer-artist for Studio 100, a world famous entertainment company based in Belgium. And we have another ex-student graduating this year from Fontys Dansacademie. She will be coming back to her homebase and teaching with Ndigo. In this way we have completed full-circle by offering quality education, giving advice and support and then providing employment to the same dancers.