• Khushboo Mehta

1,2,3... Dance, Dance, Let's Dance!!

Ever wondered why we tap our feet or start dancing while listening to our favorite music? Well, studies suggest that music stimulates an ancient reward pathway in the brain, encouraging dopamine flow into the striatum—a part of the brain activated by addiction, reward, and motivation.

Dance makes us feel amazing

The dopamine levels also peak several seconds before the song’s special moment. That’s because your brain is a good listener—it’s constantly predicting what’s going to happen next- hence, the tapping and dance! Amazing, isn't it?

That's not all. Regular dancing is also related to-

  • Improved condition of your heart and lungs

  • Better muscular strength

  • Increased agility and flexibility

  • Weight loss

  • Stronger bones

  • Reduce the risk of osteoporosis

But in today's social media-influenced world, people either dance for "likes" or follow a particular choreographed street dance online. Honestly, dancing is much more than that because dancing is about freedom, it's not just happy feet but a super happy soul too.

Girl dancing with headphones on; happy and free.
Dance can set you free

Where to start from?

No matter how young or old you are, you can start dancing even as you read this. Just move your head back and forth, tap your left leg twice, right leg thrice, whistle your favorite song- see, it's that simple! Only the first step is difficult, rest everything just follows! And, that's exactly where Ndigo Moves comes in picture.

We help you with that first step. Because you already have it all in you, we all do- just a bit of effort and implementation and incredible things happen. To kick-start your dancing journey, you can:

  • Ask!

Ask yourself what type of dance drives or motivates you- is it ballet, freestyle, contemporary, jazz or yoga? An easy way to figure out this is by playing your favorite song and moving according to the bass or the flow of the music. Slowly, with different moves coming from your body you'll find yourself just being there and experiencing a different zone. For beginners, finding inspiration and following it with heart is an amazing journey in itself.

  • Go Online

The new times have gotten the entire world on fingertips. No matter what you need, just go online and search for it! While you can't go other there to search for the best dance classes, you can get access to the best online dance classes. With advantages like experienced tutors around the globe, time flexibility, pocket-friendly, convenience, individual attention, and the list goes on... virtual dance classes definitely make the ends meet!

  • Make an impact

We are used to comparing ourselves to others. How about using all that energy in focusing and improving yourself? As you start with your dance class journey, see how can you make a positive impact in your life as well as people's lives. Just explore how you can change someone's perception or belief through that one move of yours. Even a single person counts! And trust us, when you will start dancing with this purpose there will be no looking back! You'll grow in the most unpredictable way and become an inspiration for others around you.

What is dance according to you? Share your thoughts in the comments below:

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