• Khushboo Mehta

Are Online Dance Classes Worth it?

We are continually faced with great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems- Lee Iacocca

The pandemic has left us all stranded in our homes. Every day we try to make ends meet by managing our boredom, job, household chores and whatnot.

But as Lee Iacocca says, there must be a great opportunity in these uncertain times too. Just have an eye for them, and you will find yourself surrounded by them.

This is a great time to revisit your hobbies, things you loved to do and get all the creative juices flowing in. But for turning those hobbies into a skill, you may need assistance. And that is where the role of technology kicks in.

Be it food, music, clothing, shelter or a skill, you can get access to almost everything in just a few clicks or swipes.

So if you are wondering about virtual dance classes being worthy or not; just sit back, relax, read on and decide for yourself:

  • Personal attention

We are not talking about the online classes where only the instructor speaks, and 50 other students are just there, listening. We're talking about 1-to-1 online dance classes like the ones at Ndigo Moves where you get to learn at your own pace. Fast, rewind, fast-forward, pause or play- the remote is in your hands! And, for the minutest help or correction, we are there to assist you.

  • Economical

Let us assume you want to attend a traditional dance class that's not in your city. Now, here is how much it would approximately cost you for a domestic destination:

✈️ Travelling: $224

🏨 Lodging: $150

🍔 Food: $155

💃 Dance class fee: $50-$109

Total cost: $638

And, 💻 Virtual dance classes just: $50-$109

So why spend such a huge chunk of money when you can learn the same thing from your living room?

  • Opportunity to learn with the experts

In online dance classes, the distance or geographical limits are not an obstacle. You can choose the dance academy or dance trainers even internationally.

  • Time flexibility

The biggest advantage of learning online is flexibility. You will have the liberty to choose the time that suits you and take things at your pace. Then also, you would not have to travel to classes. This will also reduce the money spent on your mode of transport.

  • Give you a sense of responsibility

Motivation is a learned practice. By setting structure and forming new habits, you will start feeling more responsible and motivated. And, during these difficult times, this attitude will help you build a strong personality with disciple and ethics.

In these challenging times, we at Ndigo Moves are conducting online dance classes at a pocket-friendly price. This is our small way of supporting the community by helping our community lookout for hidden opportunities.

To know more, contact us by clicking here.

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