• Khushboo Mehta

I Can't Dance Because My Body Shape is Different

Have you started believing that you can't dance because you just don't have the right body or you look awkward?

Well, for whatever reason you're resiting yourself from dancing; one thing is for sure that you're missing out on a lot of fun!

The sweat, happiness, amazing freedom, increased heart rate and a hundred other things you experience after dancing can't be expressed in words. Additionally, professional dance is today regarded as one of the most demanding of physical abilities and sports.

Not convinced enough? Let me tell you a story. I hope this gets you up and moving :)

So a few years back, a marine biologist performed an experiment in which she placed a shark into a large holding tank. Then she released several small bait fish into the tank.

By the rules of nature, the shark quickly swam and ate the smaller fish.

The biologist then created a partition in the tank with the help of a glass pane and put the shark on one side and baitfish.

Again, the shark quickly attacked, but this time it bounced back because of the glass. The shark kept repeating this behavior every few minutes but with no success. Eventually, after an hour, the shark gave up.

This experiment was repeated for the next few weeks and by the end, the shark stopped attacking the smaller fish.

Finally, the marine biologist removed the glass divider. But now the shark did not seem to care. The baitfish swam wherever they wished, no harm caused. And, the shark still believed that a barrier existed between it and the baitfish. That's the power of belief!

Just like the shark, many of us believe that we can't dance because we see a barrier of fear, past failures, or awkwardness in our heads that doesn't even exist. No ‘real’ barrier exists between where you are and where you want to be.

You can become the most amazing dancer if you strongly believe so.

So get over every thought and sentence that is stopping you from dancing because we at Ndigo Moves have witnessed the magic that prevails when people overcome their beliefs. And if you are stuck with a similar belief, we would love to help you.

Some things you can do to tackle your non-dancing beliefs are:

Listen to music Some people naturally have an ear for rhythm, and some need to learn it. Just play on your favorite music and see if your body moves in sync with the beats.

Breathe and relax Dancing is all about freedom, fun, expression, and good vibes. It isn't supposed to stress you in any way. So take a few deep breaths, jump, do a monkey dance- anything that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Start dancing alone A lot of people resist dancing because they are scared of judgments or being called a bad dancer. While none of this should affect you, as a starter dancing alone could help you connect with the art and magic of dancing.

Find your own style Everyone has their unique style. There's no rulebook of dancing. Anything that makes you happy and helps you connect with yourself is dancing. If you can't find your style, reach out to us. We'd be excited to walk you through it!

Be confident In the end, remember that confidence is the key. Even a simple dance routine can amuse people if you move around with confidence.

Whatever style, technique, or tip you use; don't forget to have a good time and let yourself loose!

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