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Improve your Stamina for dance

Updated: May 12

As a kid, I learned Bharatanatyam, the oldest Indian dance form and artistic yoga that involves the movement of the body parts in a very artistic and elegant manner.

I still remember before every class, it was mandatory for all the students to hold the sumo-squat position for 30 mins. With shaking legs, heavy breaths, and losing our balance now and then, we each struggled our ways out for the timer to hit zero.

Argh, even thinking about it makes my legs hurt!

But further, along my dancing journey, I realized the importance of those 30 mins in improving my stamina and getting the desired "Thak" sound while tapping the feet.

Today, I can make the loudest sound with my strong legs- all thanks to my dance tutor!

Stamina is that key thing that can't be overlooked in dancing. Because it can make the worst moves look fun and the most beautiful moves unpleasant to the eyes.

Stamina is extremely important for dancers because it helps improve strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, and confidence. Unflagging stamina can also take your physical lifestyle and mental state to the next level.

Whether you aspire to learn to dance online or already following some online dance classes; these simple tips will help you to develop stamina for dance.

Push. Pull. Hold.

This is the simplest way to build stamina for dancers. Start with basic push-ups, pull-ups and squats.

Do 10 of each in a set and try to hold your body mid-way for at least a minute or more if you can. The holding of positions will give you more control over the body which will eventually reflect in your dancing.

These exercises strengthen your chest, arms, back, core, thighs, legs and improve your posture & balance.

Run because you can!

Look out for stamina training tips anywhere, the first suggestion has to be: Running! Hands down!

I totally agree because anyone can do it, it's easy, no risks involved (unless one trips over a stone or a dog starts chasing you) and you can enjoy the outdoor ambience with exercise.

Studies suggest that mortality rates are more than 50 per cent lower among the runners compared to non-runners. Regular running not only gives you a longer life but better sleep, improved immunity, mood and a boost in confidence. So run and use up some of that gained confidence in dancing elegantly.

Stretch up those muscles with a good Yoga routine

You got control and strength, now it's time for some flexibility. All dancers need the flexibility to make their moves look more fluid and graceful and to avoid injuries.

Follow a good yoga routine with help of online yoga courses and stretch for about 30 minutes daily. Hold each position for about 90 seconds to expand those muscles and feel present.

Over time, you will be able to twist and move your body in ways that you never thought of.

Eat Right!

Healthy eating is as important as exercising. Ensure to have a balanced diet that consists of good fat, protein, carbohydrates and macronutrients.

Foods you can keep handy for those untimely hunger pangs are:

  • Chia seeds

  • Almonds

  • Ground flaxseed

  • Seeds- sunflower, sesame, and pumpkin seeds all have healthy fats

  • Nuts- peanuts, walnuts, almonds, or cashews

  • Peanut butter

  • Hemp seeds

  • Yoghurt

Drink loads of water

Did you know that water makes up to 70% of our body mass and influences up to 100% of our body’s metabolic processes?

Improving stamina for dancers

By drinking water, the heart functions better and the muscles are more in tune with the heavy exercises that you would be doing to improve stamina. So ensure that you drink plenty of water throughout the day because it will help your body cope with fatigue and replenish the water lost from sweat.

In the end, remember to take it slow. Do not rush it, start out with thirty minutes and gradually add the minutes as you get used to the intensity of the exercises.

To explore how dancing can help you become healthier and also experience freedom, attend a free trial of our online live class here.

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